I’ve worked with Imagination on a number of projects as a designer and software developer.

London’s is one of the UK’s top independent design companies.

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    Clients & Services

    These are some of my clients in my capacity as a freelance Creative Technologist. SERVICES: If you have a project which needs to happen but you’ve hit a wall or don’t know where to start, get in touch!Large or small, I’m interested in what you’re requiring. I can help you to achieve your projects. Programming, Clients & Services

    Microsoft Head Office Interactive

    I was approached and commissioned by Microsoft to design and build an interactive art piece using the Kinect for the Microsoft Head Office Visitor Centre in Seattle. I used two Kinects to gather the visitors 3D data, which allowed the user to interact with a curtain of digital rain.C++, Kinect, Computer vision

    Museums, Galleries and Festivals

    Museums: Various capacities in delivering museum content; Museums exhibits are generally edutainment, a mix of entertaining and educational, and I enjoy creating them to bring something new to the public. Galleries and Festivals: Below is a gallery of images from Museums, Galleries and Festivals


    Project Manager & Software DeveloperNov 2013 – Dec 2014Shoreditch, LondonLeading a team on cutting edge bespoke applications. Project management, Unity3D development, C#, C++, Unity3D plugin development. OpenCV, OpenFrameworks, Polhemus motion capture. Inition are an innovative experientials company based in Shoreditch. I worked for them in a long term contract capacity from November 2013 through to Inition

    Teaching and Lecturing

    I am an educator, and enjoy encouraging and teaching people from all ages and backgrounds.17 years as a part time lecturer at Brighton University. Although challenging to be part of such an industrial academic machine, I try my bit to keep the focus on education. I’ve taught as a part time lecturer / tutor at Teaching and Lecturing


    Performer and Digital EffectsCopperdollarJul 2008 – PresentCopperdollar is an immersive theatre company, formed by the talented Kt Simpson.My role is as Digital Artist and Performer; I have the opportunity to create bespoke digital experiences for use with thousands of people! Copperdollar produces various shows for different types of events. Always imaginative, creative and with a Copperdollar

    Swire Hong Kong Pacific Place 3D Navigation

    Hong Kong Pacific Place shopping mall navigation kiosks. I had 18 months to design and write the software for 12 ergonomic touch desks to help visitors to the largest shopping mall in the world’s navigation in 3D with content management. My role was software architect, designer and engineer using C++ OpenGL, Nokia Qt libraries.

    Join the Team

    An installation at The Lab at Shell Eco-marathon Manila & Detroit 2015, with Imagination. Using 5 Microsoft Kinect sensors, this large scale interactive exhibit allowed the participants to play and experiment with different energy types. Programmed in Unity3D.

    Planet You

    An installation at The Lab at the Eco-marathon Europe 2013, with Imagination.Delegates answered a series of earth related questions which automatically created a unique planet in response, and added them to a growing universe.Programmed in C++ with OpenFrameWorks

    Graffiti Wall

    Imagination.Visitors to an eco-conference could create their own digital graffiti which was added into a montage and projected.C++, OpenFrameWorks