What do we do?

Benedict Sheehan

Creative Technologist.

From making a Mind Controlled Scalexric track for the Goodwood Festival of Speed through to making the Swire 3D interactive navigation software for one of the largest Shopping centres in the world.

From one-off art pieces to corporate applications, my work involves a mix of technology, science, art and the slightly unusual..


Skillset outline :

  • Communication.
    • Conveying ideas
    • Teaching
  • Design.
    • Experiential and experiments
    • The User Interface
    • Software architecture
    • Micro-electronics
  • Programming
    • C++
    • Unity3D C#
    • Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Python
  • Making things!
    • Engineering
    • Crafting
    • Music

Also trained as an animator and artist. I use my creativity in tandem with a solid technical knowledge and a strong holistic, ‘bigger picture’ and lateral thinking capacity. I enjoy being curious.

Over 30 years computer programming experience working in creative development environments (specialising in human experience interfaces and 3D vision).

Solo and collaborative artworks have been exhibited in over 17 international art and fashion exhibitions including the ICA and the Barbican. Collaborative and solo museum exhibits including the V&A, the Cutty Sark and the Science Museum in London and the Singapore Science Centre.

I am also sometimes an educator, and enjoy encouraging and teaching people from all ages and backgrounds. Teaching at London St Martins, and Brighton University, as well as afterschool club for kids.

Specialities: Human interaction and the psychology behind a user interface, computer vision and motion analysis, Kinect and 3D vision, OpenGL, Openframeworks, C++, Unity3D, C#, Python, 3D scanning, photogrammetry. Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming and electronics. Creative solutions. Creating special experiences.

Clients include : Microsoft, Redbull, Imagination, Davidoff, Adidas, Diageo, Shopify, Solarflare Studio, Engage, Five33, Spiral, Soda, Inition, 7th Sense;
Also solo and collaborative art installations and museum exhibits.

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    Formula 1 web app and Augmented Reality

    F1 Livery Design
    An advanced webgl F1 car livery design web app.
    Users can design their own livery for the 2023 F1 Season, and then see their design over a real F1 car in the Red Bull paddock.
    Using javascript/webgl/shaders/AWS

    Clients & Services

    These are some of my clients in my capacity as a freelance Creative Technologist. SERVICES: If you have a project which needs to happen but you’ve hit a wall or don’t know where to start, get in touch!Large or small, I’m interested in what you’re requiring. I can help you to achieve your projects. Programming, Clients & Services

    Microsoft Head Office Interactive

    I was approached and commissioned by Microsoft to design and build an interactive art piece using the Kinect for the Microsoft Head Office Visitor Centre in Seattle. I used two Kinects to gather the visitors 3D data, which allowed the user to interact with a curtain of digital rain.C++, Kinect, Computer vision

    Museums, Galleries and Festivals

    Museums: Various capacities in delivering museum content; Museums exhibits are generally edutainment, a mix of entertaining and educational, and I enjoy creating them to bring something new to the public. Galleries and Festivals: Below is a gallery of images from Museums, Galleries and Festivals

    Glastonbury 2009-2023

    Working with Copperdollar, over 12,000 people pass through our coffin doors every season! Lots of fun Kinect VJ’ing and watching and learning from people interact with my installations.

    Swire Hong Kong Pacific Place 3D Navigation

    Hong Kong Pacific Place shopping mall navigation kiosks. I had 18 months to design and write the software for 12 ergonomic touch desks to help visitors to the largest shopping mall in the world’s navigation in 3D with content management. My role was software architect, designer and engineer using C++ OpenGL, Nokia Qt libraries.

    Design Season

    I used three.js and microsoft code to develop a javascript based web app allowing visitors to the site to create their own designs.

    SIGGRAPH Magic Mirror

    The new iteration of the Magic Mirror was exhibited in Boston USA at the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery, chaired by Bonnie Mitchell.See ‘Magic Mirror‘ for the previous entry. I used a fake wall so that I could mount a projection screen at an equal distance behind the 2-way mirror as the user standing in front of SIGGRAPH Magic Mirror