Clients & Services

These are some of my clients in my capacity as a freelance Creative Technologist.


If you have a project which needs to happen but you’ve hit a wall or don’t know where to start, get in touch!
Large or small, I’m interested in what you’re requiring. I can help you to achieve your projects.
Programming, design, electronics, advice and consultancy.

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    Microsoft Head Office Interactive

    I was approached and commissioned by Microsoft to design and build an interactive art piece using the Kinect for the Microsoft Head Office Visitor Centre in Seattle. I used two Kinects to gather the visitors 3D data, which allowed the user to interact with a curtain of digital rain.C++, Kinect, Computer vision


    I’ve worked with Imagination on a number of projects as a designer and software developer. London’s is one of the UK’s top independent design companies. See below for Imagination projects.

    Museums, Galleries and Festivals

    Museums: Various capacities in delivering museum content; Museums exhibits are generally edutainment, a mix of entertaining and educational, and I enjoy creating them to bring something new to the public. Galleries and Festivals: Below is a gallery of images from Museums, Galleries and Festivals


    Project Manager & Software DeveloperNov 2013 – Dec 2014Shoreditch, LondonLeading a team on cutting edge bespoke applications. Project management, Unity3D development, C#, C++, Unity3D plugin development. OpenCV, OpenFrameworks, Polhemus motion capture. Inition are an innovative experientials company based in Shoreditch. I worked for them in a long term contract capacity from November 2013 through to Inition

    Teaching and Lecturing

    I am an educator, and enjoy encouraging and teaching people from all ages and backgrounds.17 years as a part time lecturer at Brighton University. Although challenging to be part of such an industrial academic machine, I try my bit to keep the focus on education. I’ve taught as a part time lecturer / tutor at Teaching and Lecturing


    Performer and Digital EffectsCopperdollarJul 2008 – PresentCopperdollar is an immersive theatre company, formed by the talented Kt Simpson.My role is as Digital Artist and Performer; I have the opportunity to create bespoke digital experiences for use with thousands of people! Copperdollar produces various shows for different types of events. Always imaginative, creative and with a Copperdollar