Project Manager & Software Developer
Nov 2013 – Dec 2014
Shoreditch, London
Leading a team on cutting edge bespoke applications. Project management, Unity3D development, C#, C++, Unity3D plugin development. OpenCV, OpenFrameworks, Polhemus motion capture.

Inition are an innovative experientials company based in Shoreditch. I worked for them in a long term contract capacity from November 2013 through to December 2014 as a project manager and key developer.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (VR), Oculus Rift DK2, Experientials, 3D scanning, 3D printing, motor control, dmx, iPad, Kinect, Unity3D, C#, C++ dll, shaders and more!

Project managing and development of various creative experiential projects, including for Diesel, Jaguar and Hitachi

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    Golf swing motion capture and analysis

    Working for Inition on a golf swing motion capture and analysis application.Using Polhemus magnetic field sensors, lots of quaternion equations were needed to correctly calculate the bones positions accurately. The Polhemus mocap system worked by placing sensors on key parts of the human anatomy. It was extremely good accuracy, but was also expensive.

    Hitachi Augmented Reality

    An augmented reality app for iPad for Hitachi – with Inition. Project manager and developer using Unity3D, C# and augmented reality libraries.

    Diesel Scream Booth

    An installation at Westfield Shopping Mall for Diesel – with Inition. An interactive booth which measured your wildness!! Project manager, lead developer, C++, openframeworks, chromakeying, sound analysis fft tables.


    With Inition, I made software to read RFID tags in objects which the users could reposition.Positioning these objects would further a displayed story.C#, Unity3D