Performer and Digital Effects
Jul 2008 – Present

Copperdollar is an immersive theatre company, formed by the talented Kt Simpson.
My role is as Digital Artist and Performer; I have the opportunity to create bespoke digital experiences for use with thousands of people!

Copperdollar produces various shows for different types of events. Always imaginative, creative and with a twist of the surreal, Kt manages to ensure fantastic shows celebrating life and death with equally fantastic crew and performers.

It’s been a pleasure to be involved in various guises since 2008 …

Including shows at Glastonbury 2009 til present, the National Theatre, Mint Fest, Spitalfields, The Spiegel Tent, Brighton Festival, Passing Clouds, Bestival and The Old Market.

One of the many things I have learnt in this experience, is how it is possible to connect to people in different ways; our brains filter out what it thinks it knows!
What it expects.
If you create uncertainty, the unexpected, a fun surprise, then our brains spring to life, all our senses become active.

National Theatre Gone in 20 minutes festival.
Glastonbury performances (2009 – 2022),
Winner of 2009 Brighton Festival Best Cabaret.
Spitalfields, Stockton on Tees and Kendal theatre Festival performances.
Basingstoke Projection mapping onto Willis Museum, 2016, interactives, 2017

Glastonbury Kinect interactive 2011

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    Teaching and Lecturing

    I am an educator, and enjoy encouraging and teaching people from all ages and backgrounds.17 years as a part time lecturer at Brighton University. Although challenging to be part of such an industrial academic machine, I try my bit to keep the focus on education. I’ve taught as a part time lecturer / tutor at Teaching and Lecturing


    I was very fortunate to have a dad who encouraged me to try electronics and we used to buy ‘Everyday Electronics’ magazine and do projects together. This early exposure and especially the learning that it’s ok to make mistakes, has helped me in life to be confident to try new things, and at least to Electronics

    Glastonbury 2009-2023

    Working with Copperdollar, over 12,000 people pass through our coffin doors every season! Lots of fun Kinect VJ’ing and watching and learning from people interact with my installations.

    Golf swing motion capture and analysis

    Working for Inition on a golf swing motion capture and analysis application.Using Polhemus magnetic field sensors, lots of quaternion equations were needed to correctly calculate the bones positions accurately. The Polhemus mocap system worked by placing sensors on key parts of the human anatomy. It was extremely good accuracy, but was also expensive.

    The Wrong Channel

    I wrote some snap-cam filters to make some augmented reality games which were used during a live performance broadcast.Collaborating with Zöe aka The Wrong Numba, it was fun to explore ways of performing during lockdowns and social distancing.

    Motion Tracking

    I’ve done a fair amount of work with different motion tracking technologies. Using 2D cameras; the 3D Kinect; Polhemus magnetic field mocap wear; TensorFlow AI framework. 3D Kinect and cameras as user interfaces; for performers and audience participation.As well as using the Microsoft Kinect in it’s various iterations, with Unity3D and with my own C++ Motion Tracking

    Corona virus RNA

    I heard that the sars covid-19 genome has around 30k nucleotides and mentioned to a friend that therefore you could fit the entire covid RNA data onto an old floppy disk! He disbelieved me and we bet a pint so I had to take a look a little further…. I found the genome data published Corona virus RNA

    Raspberry Pi

    I use the excellent Raspberry Pi when I need a powerful compact computer.Programming in Python, I often hook these up to my own projection mapping software and adhoc mobile phone controls.

    Interactive Table

    Utilising the very capable 7th Sense projection mapping software, I created a Unity3D app using a Kinect 3D sensor to make an interactive table for the Diageo international drinks company. The interactive table worked in conjunction with lighting and multiple projections so that the users could use it to tell a story.

    Internet Of Things

    I enjoy using my hands and I enjoy working with tactile real world environments, so I enjoy projects which require a little software, a little electronics, a bit of motors or buttons or some other sensor or interesting display/output systems, which so often go hand in hand with IoT devices. I was commissioned to co-design Internet Of Things

    Old Inn 3D scan and model

    I wanted to make a unique gift… I used catch123d to get pretty rough 3D data, which I then used as a template to create a clean basic mesh in 3Dsmax.Textured by stretching images over quads in 3dsMax, I then used Pepakura to flatten the model and compute the folding.I printed onto card, glued, added Old Inn 3D scan and model

    Diesel Scream Booth

    An installation at Westfield Shopping Mall for Diesel – with Inition. An interactive booth which measured your wildness!! Project manager, lead developer, C++, openframeworks, chromakeying, sound analysis fft tables.

    Animated gif anniversary

    I had another look at producing animated gifs today. Using some photos from my National Theatre Copperdollar Spidora experience, which I cut up and made into a small flickery animation of our faces changing.

    Swire Hong Kong Pacific Place 3D Navigation

    Hong Kong Pacific Place shopping mall navigation kiosks. I had 18 months to design and write the software for 12 ergonomic touch desks to help visitors to the largest shopping mall in the world’s navigation in 3D with content management. My role was software architect, designer and engineer using C++ OpenGL, Nokia Qt libraries.

    Join the Team

    An installation at The Lab at Shell Eco-marathon Manila & Detroit 2015, with Imagination. Using 5 Microsoft Kinect sensors, this large scale interactive exhibit allowed the participants to play and experiment with different energy types. Programmed in Unity3D.


    Motion capture and time synched animation.The Skeledance is a choreographed dance routine in Copperdollar’s ‘Back of Beyond’ at Glastonbury.Our Day of the Dead performers flank the projection of a skeleton performing the same dance. We manage to get the whole dance floor participating!Introduced to Glastonbury in 2015, I used a Kinect2 to motion capture a performer doing Skeledance

    Creatures – consequences

    I created a browser friendly Unity3D app which allowed users to construct their own creatures from different segments.

    Planet You

    An installation at The Lab at the Eco-marathon Europe 2013, with Imagination.Delegates answered a series of earth related questions which automatically created a unique planet in response, and added them to a growing universe.Programmed in C++ with OpenFrameWorks

    Graffiti Wall

    Imagination.Visitors to an eco-conference could create their own digital graffiti which was added into a montage and projected.C++, OpenFrameWorks

    Escape Rooms and Paradox Place

    A wrote an escape game galled ‘Strootak’ which was a version of the psychological game in which you are presented with a word spelling a colour, but the colour of the text itself is a different colour… You work against the clock to press the button which matches the colour of the text.. It’s harder Escape Rooms and Paradox Place

    Multiple Me

    Inspired by Zbigniew Rybszynski’s ‘Tango’ I made some experiments to develop real time 3D capture and playback loops. Unity3D, Kinect2, C#, compute shaders.

    Magic Mirror – Rain

    I exhibited a new Magic Mirror entitled ‘Rain’ with the Seaec organised exhibition in Hastings at the beginning of October. Looking into the Magic Mirror results in the appearance of heavy rainfall upon your head and shoulders. The rain splashes off you; moving your hands and head and body create a silhouette in the rainfall. I Magic Mirror – Rain

    SIGGRAPH Magic Mirror

    The new iteration of the Magic Mirror was exhibited in Boston USA at the SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery, chaired by Bonnie Mitchell.See ‘Magic Mirror‘ for the previous entry. I used a fake wall so that I could mount a projection screen at an equal distance behind the 2-way mirror as the user standing in front of SIGGRAPH Magic Mirror